Lost Mines of Phandelver

Into the town

Gumarich Wakes up a Ruffian

After the dispatch of the creatures infesting the local caves, the party continued on the journey towards Phandalin.

It was mid morning before they caught sight of the small town. People had just begun their day – miners and traders heading off to the hillsides to make their fortune.

Silas separated himself from the party almost immediately – still searching for clues about Gundren, or his lost friend Iarno.

The party went to deliver the goods they had brought, and received a fair payment. They also learned that the Redbrand’s have become an even bigger menace – effectively holding the town hostage and terrorizing those who try and stand against them.

It was also discovered that the cache of goods that was discovered in the caves belongs to the owner of the Lionshield Coster. After a short set of negotiations, the party also received payment for finding and giving directions to the owner as to where the goods can be found.

Following a lead given to them by Amara, the party also spent some time at the local shrine. They found that the caretaker of the shrine has been on an errand to visit with a strange creature – a banshee – who has some oracular properties. She has requested the party help her to find a jeweled comb to trade to the banshee, Agatha, in order to have her question answered.

The party ended up in the Giant’s Toe – a rough and seedy bar at the edge of town. After being taunted by the ruffians who had taken up residence the night before, a fight was inevitable.

It was quick work for the party to dispatch the Redbrands – however one did manage to escape after recognizing Artess, who had been kicked out of the gang only months before. Gumarich attempted to gently wake up one of the hooligans who had been left alive – but was somewhat overzealous in his administration of care. It took the magic of Lyria to bring the villain back to consciousness.

After a short questioning session, it was learned that the Redbrands have taken up in the local Lord’s manor. While a direct approach is possible, as part of the interrogation a secondary entrance in the woods was discovered.

Despite the best attempts of Terades to knock the prisoner back out, the prisoner was defiant at the end and swore that Glasstaff would have their heads!


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