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Important Information

This game will be played online, and is geared towards an absolute beginner! The 5th Edition ruleset is brand new, so don’t worry about needing to have a lot of background with tabletop games.

The only requirement is to get an account at Roll20.net so we can all play together on a virtual tabletop.

We will have a practice session where we get used to the interface, and learn some basic rules for the game. If you want a more in depth understanding of how to play, you have some options available to you!

Basic Rules

The basic rules are free and can be downloaded here:


Don’t worry too much about all the details – I would recommend reading the following sections in some moderate detail just to get a feel for the game:

  • Introduction (Most important!)
  • Chapter 7 (Using Ability Scores)
  • Chapter 8 (Adventuring)

Other things that wouldn’t hurt to browse

  • Chapter 5 (Equipment)
  • Chapter 9 (Combat)

And if you want to play the Cleric or Wizard

  • Chapter 10 (Magic)
  • Chapter 11 (Spell Lists)

For this game, don’t worry about character creation rules, or any of the ‘options’.

Home Page

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