Lost Mines of Phandelver

Into the town
Gumarich Wakes up a Ruffian

After the dispatch of the creatures infesting the local caves, the party continued on the journey towards Phandalin.

It was mid morning before they caught sight of the small town. People had just begun their day – miners and traders heading off to the hillsides to make their fortune.

Silas separated himself from the party almost immediately – still searching for clues about Gundren, or his lost friend Iarno.

The party went to deliver the goods they had brought, and received a fair payment. They also learned that the Redbrand’s have become an even bigger menace – effectively holding the town hostage and terrorizing those who try and stand against them.

It was also discovered that the cache of goods that was discovered in the caves belongs to the owner of the Lionshield Coster. After a short set of negotiations, the party also received payment for finding and giving directions to the owner as to where the goods can be found.

Following a lead given to them by Amara, the party also spent some time at the local shrine. They found that the caretaker of the shrine has been on an errand to visit with a strange creature – a banshee – who has some oracular properties. She has requested the party help her to find a jeweled comb to trade to the banshee, Agatha, in order to have her question answered.

The party ended up in the Giant’s Toe – a rough and seedy bar at the edge of town. After being taunted by the ruffians who had taken up residence the night before, a fight was inevitable.

It was quick work for the party to dispatch the Redbrands – however one did manage to escape after recognizing Artess, who had been kicked out of the gang only months before. Gumarich attempted to gently wake up one of the hooligans who had been left alive – but was somewhat overzealous in his administration of care. It took the magic of Lyria to bring the villain back to consciousness.

After a short questioning session, it was learned that the Redbrands have taken up in the local Lord’s manor. While a direct approach is possible, as part of the interrogation a secondary entrance in the woods was discovered.

Despite the best attempts of Terades to knock the prisoner back out, the prisoner was defiant at the end and swore that Glasstaff would have their heads!

The Cragmaw Caverns

After dispatching the goblin guards, the party slowly made their way into the dank caverns.

With Artess leading the way through stealth, they discovered that the cave was inhabited by a group of goblins with a small pack of feral wolves chained to the floor.

Attempts to placate the wolves failed, but luckily the sounds of water masked the barking and howling of the angry beasts.

Moving further up the tunnel, Terades dispatched another guard standing along a bridge with one swift shot from his arrow.

Attempts to move further in were complicated by a small embankment that crumbled under the weight of Gumarich as he scrabbled over it. The resulting sounds of collapsing rock, and the painful cry of Gumarich alerted a small cadre of goblins resting in a western corridor.

A fierce battle broke out, with blood shed on each side. The combat ground to a halt after the shriek of a goblin claiming that unless there was surrender, he would murder a human he had taken captive.

Gumarich stepped forward to parley with the enemy, who continued to make threatening gestures against the hostage.

The goblin’s offer was simple: he wanted to be the chief, but the Bugbear Klarg had subjugated and bullied the goblins into following him. Dispatch this menace and he will let his captive go.

The heroes decided that this was unreasonable – and quick as lightning Artess vaulted over the embankment and skewered the goblin with her shortsword, dropping the foul creature instantly. At the same moment Terades loosed an arrow into the heart of the remaining goblin.

The captive turned out to be none other than Sildar Hallwinter, the bodyguard of your friend Gundren Rockseeker. Weakened and abused, he was in no shape to help you at this time. The heroes decided to take him out of the cave and return that night to search for Klarg and their missing friend.

Sildar explained that he and Gundren had been ambushed by the goblins, who seemed to know right where they were going to be. Quickly overwhelmed, Sildar remembers that the Bugbear had stolen the map to a lost mine that Gundren had been searching for before he was beaten into unconsciousness.

Returning that evening, the heroes swept through the remainder of the cave, killing sleeping goblins as they worked their way towards Klarg’s lair.

Acting quickly Amara put the minions of Klarg to sleep. Klarg rushed out and put Amara down in just one hit of his massive morning star. However, with the quick work of Lyria, she was back on her feet just seconds later.

A fierce battle ensued where Klarg was pinned against the entry to his cavern. He fought wildly and dangerously, but was eventually killed. It was only a matter of moments for his minions to be killed while they were under the effects of magical sleep.

Searching the cavern, they found no sign of Gundren or his map. However, there were many provisions that had been looted – all bearing the markings of a blue painted rearing lion.

Klarg himself had an impressive treasure – hundreds of coins, a small jade figurine and two potions of healing. This was split evenly by the party, with Artess pocketing the figurine.

A Rough Journey
Gumarich Goes Down

After venturing out of the city, the party had a fine journey southward in calm weather on a well traveled road.

That all changed after the second day when they turned onto the Triboar Trail. Only a half day journey out of Phandalin Artess noticed a pair of horses laying across their path, slain by crude arrows.

While everyone drew nearer Gumarich was the first to notice what had befallen the horses – Goblins!

He swiftly alerted the party, but paid for his valor. A small band of the little green looters descended upon him, knocking him out in a matter of seconds.

Reacting quickly, Amara and Terades unleashed their arcane and martial prowess to keep the goblins off of their fallen comrade while Artess bobbed and weaved with a goblin, trying to throw him off balance.

Dispatching the foes as quickly as possible, it was only by the healing power of Lyria that Gumarich rejoined the battle at all – and his mighty axe defeated the final goblin.

Licking their wounds, the party found a trail leading northwards and identified the horses as belonging to their patron – Gundren Rockseeker and his bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter.

Deciding to go after them (as goblins are known to dispose of prisoners in unseemly ways) the party sidestepped the crude traps put in by the Cragmaw Tribe to catch the unwary.

Arriving at a cave, it was only a matter of seconds for the two guards to be disposed of. Staring into the cavern, the party is keeping hope alive that they may be able to still save their friend.

Meetings & Travel

The group has come together in the great city of Neverwinter. A mutual friend – a dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker – has an immediate need to help him to transport a wagonload of supplies southward to the town of Phandalin.

Gundren has already gone ahead along with a warrior by the name of Sildar Hallwinter to attend to business in the town while you follow along with the supplies.

Each of you will be paid a sum of 10gp by the owner of Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin when you deliver the wagon and it’s contents safely to that trading post.


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